Wood Flame Wood Wick Candles
Wood Flame Candles

Wood Flame Wood Wick Candles

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Please note these candles are the Wood Flame 6 oz candles.  Due to their jars not being available their are currently in a tin.  They are still amazing!

Made with high quality fragrance oils, 100% soy wax and organic wooden wicks. 

6oz - 30+ hours burn time. 

Victorian  Christmas - Scent of all things Christmas. 

Candy Cane - Scent of Peppermint

Christmas Tree - Scent of spruce tree.

Sitting by an open fire, roasting a marshmallow. That’s exactly what you will experience when burning Fireside & Marshmallow. 

Fresh baked cinnamon buns on a Saturday morning. Experience that fresh baked smell anytime of the day with our Cinnamon Vanilla candle. 

Cranberry Spice - Scent of spiced cranberry. 

Earl Grey & Apple is an odd combo but they pair so perfectly. A cup of hot tea and a fresh crisp apple. This is our #1 best seller. 

De-stress - part of our Essential Oils Collection. Infused with eucalyptus and spearmint, the perfect bath time candle. 

Relaxation - part of our Essential Oils Collection. Infused with lavender and bergamot, the perfect candle to burn after a long day. 

Energize - part of the Essential Oils Collection.  Infused with lemon and peppermint it is the perfect blend for motivation

Watermelon Strawberry - The sweeet blend of summer in one yummy candle!

Lilac Peach - A spring scent you will not want to miss out on!  An equal mix of peach and lilac flower.

Sandalwood Apple -  A wood/earthy scent with a hint of apple.

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