Paw Butter Balm
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Paw Butter Balm

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This healing butter balm consists of almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax for natural moisturizing protection.    It is designed to soften and soothe rough, dry, cracked paws and can also be used on the nose.  The butter absorbs quickly and uses non-toxic ingredients so it is not harmful if licked.  And the best part is it will still work!

To protect noses and paw pads from the elements apply liberally before a walk.    Massage a thick layer onto pads and in-between toes.  Or use after a walk to moisturize cracked or dry damaged paw pads.  You may also rub a small amount onto the dogs nose if dry.  

Sometimes beeswax will harden so it is best to store in a room temperature cupboard.  

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